Wedding Day Services

Congratulations You’re Engaged! Now what? It’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. Whether you decide to get married in your hometown church or decide to travel to a beautiful tropical destination, don’t forget to plan ahead of time for your hair, make- up, manicure and pedicure appointments.

Pinterest is a great tool to look at different wedding hair styles. You can also find us on Wedding Wire and see our Gallery of Brides and Bridesmaids. Keep in mind the style you choose should be determined by the style of your dress, where your wedding will be held and the length and texture of your hair. If you are getting married on a tropical beach, such as Siesta Key, and the temperature is hot and humid, you will probably be more comfortable with an up do. A sweeping side pony with curls work beautifully if your hair holds a curl in humidity. Veils are beautiful, but once your ceremony is over and you remove your veil, add a little bling to your hair with hair accessories that will compliment your dress and hair style.
Make Up is a must! I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear “I want to look natural”, “ I never wear make-up.” Make up enhances your beauty. By not wearing make-up on your special day will make you look washed out for your pictures.

I always recommend Airbrush Make Up to all our Brides. Airbrush gives you a flawless look, it won’t melt or streak and it will last up to 13 hours.
For those girls who choose Traditional Make Up Application, we use Serenity & Scott. A mineral based make up that is Paraben , Gluten and Cruelty Free. This line gives you beautiful coverage without caking.

Don’t forget the finger and toes! It’s always best to schedule your manicure and pedicure the day before your wedding. We have found too many services on your Wedding Day becomes too overwhelming. Today we have so many different options besides Pink & Whites. Our nail techs can add nail art to your fingers and toes that will look like lace or glitter for the girls who love bling!

Solar Oil

Solar Oil by CND is a nail and cuticle conditioner.  Solar oil is to your nails like conditioner is to your hair.  It is a great product to use to help keep your finer nails and toe nails healthy.  Solar Oil is the smallest molecularly structured oil that is able to penetrate the natural nail, nail polish, gel polish, acrylic and gel nails.  It helps to keep your nails hydrated and flexible and will also conditions your cuticles. Solar Oil will help to prolong your manicure and keep it looking fresh.  We recommend our clients to use it every day 3-4 times a day.  You can’t over use it.  This is a product you don’t want to be without.

Myths about UV lamps used for Nail Services

It has been brought to my attention quite a few times over the past three years, since gel polish has quickly become the newest and coolest nail trend, the big safety question concerning the UV rays emitted from the lamp that cures the gel or gel polish.
As a professional, it is my duty to do the research and educate myself to keep myself as well as my clients safe. Here are my findings:

To verify the facts, they tested the leading UV nail lamps to determine how much UV-A and UV-B they emit and then compared that to natural sunlight. They concluded that the dermatologists’ report, “Occurrence of Non-melanoma Skin Cancers on the Hands After UV Nail Light Exposure,” overestimated the exposure of the client skin to UV light emitted from UV nail lamps and improperly characterized the effect of these lamps on the hand. In fact, they noted, clients’ hands are likely to be exposed to more UV light while driving their cars, than they will receive from UV gel nail services.

I have attached the article as to where I obtained my research, that I felt spoke in lay men’s terms. The most important thing is to keep up on the safety of current trends, and here at Sassy, we pride ourselves on staying current, constantly educating ourselves as well as our clients, while maintaining professional and happy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
Nail Magazine

Jeris Tuccinardi
Nail Technician