It has been brought to my attention quite a few times over the past three years, since gel polish has quickly become the newest and coolest nail trend, the big safety question concerning the UV rays emitted from the lamp that cures the gel or gel polish.
As a professional, it is my duty to do the research and educate myself to keep myself as well as my clients safe. Here are my findings:

To verify the facts, they tested the leading UV nail lamps to determine how much UV-A and UV-B they emit and then compared that to natural sunlight. They concluded that the dermatologists’ report, “Occurrence of Non-melanoma Skin Cancers on the Hands After UV Nail Light Exposure,” overestimated the exposure of the client skin to UV light emitted from UV nail lamps and improperly characterized the effect of these lamps on the hand. In fact, they noted, clients’ hands are likely to be exposed to more UV light while driving their cars, than they will receive from UV gel nail services.

I have attached the article as to where I obtained my research, that I felt spoke in lay men’s terms. The most important thing is to keep up on the safety of current trends, and here at Sassy, we pride ourselves on staying current, constantly educating ourselves as well as our clients, while maintaining professional and happy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
Nail Magazine

Jeris Tuccinardi
Nail Technician