Not sure if you should wear your hair up, down, curly or straight?  We offer you guidelines to help you.

What’s the level of formality?
A laid-back occasion taking place outdoors or before a small gathering of guests calls for a relaxed style.  Try loose waves or a low bun with tendrils hanging down.  A formal sit-down dinner requires a more polished look like an up-do or a sleek straight style.
How Big is Your Dress?
The style, size and scale of your dress are defining factors for your hair.  A loose fishtail braid complements a casual gown, while a shiny half up / half down paired with an elaborate tiara is right for a lavish ball gown.

What’s the Weather?
Consider the environmental factors on your big day.  Certain conditions like heat and humidity may cause frizz, so skip the sleek blow-out.  A cold windy day may require more hold and extra pins to make it a tight up-do, or half up/half down do.