1. You must shampoo daily.

False- Less frequent shampooing is better!  This preserves chemical services and natural oils keep your scalp less irritated. You can use a dry shampoo in between to eliminate oils and odor. We love Label M Dry Shampoo. Just spray into root area..hair is clean and fuller!

2. You must change shampoos often.

False- Your hair will respond well to the correct shampoo forever! We have our own Sassy line , Moroccan Oil line and Label M shampoos. Our stylist will advise the proper product for your hair type.

3. All shampoos are the same-” I don’t need a professional product!”

False- Professional shampoos contain little or no sulfates and waxes They will keep colors fresh and keratin treatments frizz free and long lasting. Hair will be shiny and manageable.

4. Conditioner makes your hair flat.

False- Overuse of the WRONG product makes hair flat. Never apply conditioner to top of head,use on ends of hair only!

5. You must rinse with cold water.

False- Hair doesn’t contain live cells..water temp doesn’t matter.

6. You must go “light” as you age.

True and False- Lighter is usually more flattering. Not always blond. Sometimes too light is just as bad as too dark!

7. Men prefer long hair!

True- Generally studies have shown that men prefer shoulder length flowing hair over short cropped hair.

8. Stress can make you lose hair.

True- Studies have proven this, and we see it quite often in the salon. ( this is not hereditary baldness)

9. Towel dry hair before blow drying.

True-Towel dry and remove most of the water before drying. If you don’t..you will be boiling the water and causing heat damage to your hair.

10. If you are growing your hair, you don’t need a haircut.

False- If your ends split, it will not appear longer. Have slight trims to prevent dead ends and grow long healthy hair.